Strategic Alliances

Joining forces with EarthLink allows partners to add value to their product offerings. The alliance also powers employee and customer incentive programs. EarthLink ASAP Partners benefit from the widely recognized EarthLink brand and our solid position in the market.

EarthLink ASAP is a program that allows companies to enter into a strategic alliance with EarthLink. The program is designed to help companies maintain existing customers while attracting new ones. The program also encourages current customers and associates to participate in a Web-based business initiative and helps generate incremental revenue.

EarthLink ASAP is open to organizations with a strong public affinity or online sales and marketing initiative. By participating in ASAP, companies can leverage EarthLink services to complement their online initiatives. As an EarthLink ASAP member, your company is able to offer dial-up Internet access, broadband service, Web hosting, business services, wireless Internet access, and the many other benefits that accompany EarthLink service.

  • Your organization must be operational for at least one year.
  • You must be able to frequently market and promote business programs to a large collective audience.
  • You must commit to generating at least 2,500 new EarthLink subscriptions each year.
  • You must commit to making the partnership mutually beneficial. This includes completing a detailed marketing plan and executing a distribution model.

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