How to Get All Your Online Interests on One Simple Page

myEarthLink Start Page® makes it simple to get local news, sports scores, weather, movie showtimes, local search, and more—all from one page, every time you open your browser! Plus, it's easy to customize the page to fit your interests.

  • Easy-to-use page simplifies your online experience.
  • Bringing all your interests together saves you time every day.
  • My Email lets you preview recent messages sent to your EarthLink, AOL®, Gmail™, and other email accounts—all in one place.
  • Advanced search, powered by Google™, offers fast results you can count on.

Easy Ways to Customize Your Page

Before you can customize your Start Page, you'll need to sign in with your EarthLink email address and password at

  • Add, delete, or reorder your features. Simply "drag and drop" any feature to move it to a new place on the page. Click the Edit this Page button to see the wide variety of features available.
  • Customize content. Click any of the small Edit buttons to customize your news categories, stock quotes, weather, horoscope, and more.
  • Add multiple email accounts to My Email. Click the Edit button, then the Add an Email Account link and enter the email addresses and passwords for your accounts.

Choose Your Interests

  • News: keep up on national, business, entertainment, health, and sports news.
  • Entertainment: get TV listings, local movie theaters and show times, music, and more.
  • Shopping: manage your eBay listings and bids, get coupons and deals.
  • Local: access local search, local news, weather, and more.
  • Fun: get sports scores, horoscopes, games, Word of the Day, and more.
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