How to Get the Most Out of Your EarthLink Service

Your EarthLink Dial-Up or High Speed subscription entitles you to more than just a reliable Internet connection. Make sure you know all that's available to you—FREE with your membership.



  • EarthLink Web Mail—Check your email from any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Virus Blocker—Automatically scans all incoming email messages sent to your EarthLink email address and helps remove viruses before they can harm your computer.
  • spamBlocker—Automatically blocks known spam sent to your EarthLink email address. Sign into Web Mail to activate the highest setting, which only allows messages from people in your address book—a simple way to block virtually 100% of spam.
  • Anonymous Email Addresses—Take back control of your inbox and keep your real email address private. Enjoy worry-free online shopping and website registrations using your 10 free Anonymous Email Addresses.
  • 8 email addresses—Activate up to 8 email addresses in My Account (—enough for the whole family. Each address comes with 100MB of email storage.


  • My Account—View or update your EarthLink account information online anytime.
  • Support Center—Our online self-help support center can be the fastest way for you to get all the information and help you need!
  • Support by Chat—Just fill out a brief form and get live help by chat.
  • Support by Phone—Select your service to get the most direct phone number.


  • myEarthLink Start Page®—Get customized news, stocks, sports, weather, and more. You can even change the page layout and color.
  • 10MB of free webspace—Each of your EarthLink email addresses comes with space for you to create your own Web site!
  • Site Builder—Sign in with your EarthLink email address and create your own website in minutes. It's easy!
  • EarthLink Music—myEarthLink Radio offers free, unlimited listening with no software to download. Share favorite songs & stations. Download $0.99 tracks from iTunes.
  • eLink—Our monthly email newsletter. Get Internet news and tech tips, website reviews, terrific features, Weird Web, free downloads, and more!
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