How to speed up your computer & Internet


We hope the tips below will help you get more speed out of your computer and Internet connection. Most are things you can easily do yourself for FREE. And while we can't guarantee they'll all turbo-charge your experience, we do know they do work well for many users.

Because most of our customers use Windows® XP, the steps below are for that operating system. If you use another version of Windows and these steps don't work for you, check out Windows Help and Support from the Start menu on your computer.

If you'd rather not do all the work yourself, check out our PC FineTune. program. It works automatically to keep your computer running fast. You can try PC FineTune for 30 days FREE. Click here to learn more.

For All Internet Connection Types

  1. Adjust Visual Effects for Best Performance
  2. Delete Temporary Internet Files & Cookies
  3. Get Rid of Unused Files
  4. Remove Unwanted Programs
  5. Repair Hard Disk Errors
  6. Defragment Your Hard Disk
  7. Remove Spyware & Viruses
  8. Add Memory to Your Computer
  9. Stop Programs from Automatically Starting
  10. Clean Up the Windows Registry

For Dial-Up Internet Connections Only

  1. Surf the Web Up To 7 Times Faster
  2. Use the "Show Fast Sites" Feature on the EarthLink Toolbar
  3. Don't Let Attachments Slow Down Your Email
  4. Make Your Web Mail Inbox Load Faster
  5. Turn Off Images for Faster Email
  6. Open Multiple Web Pages Quicker
  7. Adjust the Amount of Disk Space for Your Temporary Internet Files
  8. Use a V.92 Modem
  9. Shrink Large Files Before Emailing Them
  10. Use a Faster Web Browser

Note: To make it easier for you to get started, we have ordered the speed tips above by level of difficulty and time to complete. Each section starts with the easiest tips that will take the least amount of time to complete.

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