One fast connection.
Unlimited entertainment options.

HyperLink's. reliable, high-speed Internet combined with Apple TV?
provides an all-in-one entertainment experience that can't be beat.

High-Speed Internet
Speed, reliability & value.
Apple TV
Your favorite shows, movies, music, games and more.

Unlimited entertainment in one monthly package

Apple TV powered by HyperLink High-Speed Internet

Special Offer

Receive an Apple TV as part of your service when you sign-up for HyperLink Internet . Plans starting as low as $54.95*.

EarthLink? HyperLink. including AppleTV? - Offer Details

Installation: $99.95

HyperLink Internet service plans starting as low as $54.95 per month. Internet service includes AppleTV. Offer applicable for 12 Mbps or higher.

The Apple TV device will be shipped to you directly from Apple approximately 5-7 days after the HyperLink equipment has been installed and your first monthly invoice has been paid in full.

Use of EarthLink provided modem with Wi-Fi is required. An additional modem fee of either $6.95 per month or a one-time fee of $74.95 will apply.

Term Commitment (contract): 12 months

Early Termination Fee: Up to $200.00

Apple TV (4th generation, 32GB) includes Siri Remote*, Power cord, Lightning-to-USB Cable.

*Siri remote is compatible with 4th generation Apple TV.

If you cancel within your Term Commitment, early termination fees will apply and EarthLink requires you to ship your Apple TV Device to EarthLink.

Still have questions? Call: 1-844-EL-Hyper.

Offer is good for a limited time. Service not available in all areas, call to check availability. Offer available to select new EarthLink High Speed subscribers only. EarthLink may charge extra for taxes, certain fees, shipping and handling, additional equipment.

Call for pricing information, speed and availability. Cancellation must be by phone, US mail or fax before the next billing period begins to prevent further charges. Other restrictions may apply.

Entertainment is evolving

The TV experience as you know it is all in the past. Access your content through Apple TV. Login to your favorite streaming programs such as Netflix?, Apple Music? and games. And with Apps, Apple TV allows you to customize your TV for personal and shared experiences.

All powered by a HyperLink High-Speed Internet connection that provides you with unlimited data caps and reliable service you need for the ultimate Apple TV viewing experience.

Get Connected Now! Call 800-217-6231

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